Brownies Electrical

Address: Po Box 284, Calwell, ACT, 2905


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We strive to provide the highest quality of work at a reasonable price!!!

We are the people you should call when you want reliable, prompt, courteous and professional service.

  • All electrical fields.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Canberra and southern NSW.

All of our work is carried out to the highest standard and we adherer to all wiring and service rules.

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About Us


Hi, my name is Jason Brown and I run and own Brownies Electrical. I’ve been in the Electrical field for 8 years now, the first 4 years were in Cooma as an apprentice. My employer was a very reputable company and my training was very hands on and as a result picked up the electrical skills very quickly.


I have always wanted to run and own my own electrical company and as Cooma was a small town were the existing contractors had the marked covered, I decided to move to Canberra.


I started out in Canberra with a bigger company that worked on high rises with lots of staff. Then I moved to a medium sized company were I worked for about a year. Working in such a well managed medium sized company showed me were my business needed to start. Using my experience from the 3 very different Electrical companies plus my own ideas about how a business should be run, I started up Brownies Electrical.


Brownies Electrical has been up and running since 2007 and we haven’t looked back, we now have a myself, a full time apprentice and 1 qualified electrician working for us with 2 vans and a ute with all the necessary gear. As I have had experience in so many different electrical fields it’s given us the base for taking on just about any job big or small.


Over the next couple of years I plan to expand Brownies Electrical but only at a rate that keeps the ever growing customer base happy.


My main focus will be to build a relationship with each customer and treat them as I would expect to be treated myself, I've found that just by talking to the customer you can always come up with a solution to any problem that all parties concerned are happy with.


Please feel free to browse my website, hopefully you can get some idea of what we do and if you have any question please don't hesitate to call.

Thankyou, Jason Brown...