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Pinpoint Electrical Pty Ltd has a complete commitment to quality throughout the project. Our clients can be confident that the quality of design, workmanship and components will not be compromised at any stage.
17 July, 2012
Danny has completed jobs for myself and for my parents, with outstanding results, clean professional workmanship! Highly recommended!!
8 August, 2011
Thanx for a fantastic job. You were very professional and i was very pleased with how clean everything was when you finished.
8 August, 2011
An electrician that shows up on time and cleaned up before he left well priced service
7 August, 2011
Great honest on time service helped out with not only our electrical needs A grade work
5 August, 2011
Thank you for a great job. Very honest reliable and on time service. A class workmanship.
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Local Electrician elevated to National Master Electrician Status

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a negative experience with a Master Electrician? If one of our members fails to adhere to our strict standards, we want to hear about it. Please contact us immediately on 1300 889 198 or How will I know I am dealing with a Master Electrician? Accredited Master Electricians can identify themselves in their telephone listings, advertising and printed material they provide to customers. The Master Electricians website also contains a quick search function to allow consumers across Australia to locate the accredited Master Electrician nearest to them. If you are in any doubt over the credentials of an electrical contractor, please contact us immediately. How are the Master Electricians standards enforced? Master Electricians Australia is responsible for monitoring the performance of accredited Master Electricians. Master Electricians Australia checks the credentials and systems of electrical contractors who apply to be Master Electricians, undertakes regular audits, provides avenues for customer feedback, and investigates any complaints. You can leave feedback about your master electrician at How does an electrical contractor become a Master Electrician? To become a Master Electrician, a contractor must: Have at least three years in the electrical industry or equivalent appropriate experience Implement a recognised safety management system Pass an annual safety and quality audit Be able to offer qualified energy efficiency advice to customers Adhere to a code of ethics Offer customers a 12-month guarantee on electrical work Why use a Master Electrician? Electrical work is one of the most dangerous tasks that can be performed in a home or business. Every year, dozens of people are electrocuted or shocked by substandard electrical work. By choosing a Master Electrician, you are choosing a contractor whose safety systems are accredited and monitored, and who provides a workmanship guarantee. Master Electricians are also reliable contractors who provide excellent service and information, potentially saving you time and money. Who is a Master Electrician? Master Electricians are accredited to deliver the highest standards of quality, electrical safety, energy efficiency advice, and integrity. They are experienced, safe and informed electrical contractors who offer customers a 12-month guarantee on their workmanship. It is not possible for an electrical contractor to be associated with Master Electricians or use the logo without being accredited for safety, quality and service. My switchboard has Circuit Breakers - Won't they protect us from electrical shock? The fuses or circuit breakers in your switchboard are not designed to protect you from electrical shock; they are designed to protect the circuit wiring of the building from overload which will cause fire. An RCD will reduce the severity, and the likelihood of someone experiencing serious electric shock. What does a safety switch do and do I need to test it? Residual Current Devices or Safety Switches protect you and your family against being electricuted by cutting off the power before it reaches a dangerous current. These devices also pick up faults on appliances and everyday electrical goods. A safety switch has a test button on the front of it when pressed should trip out the switch telling you that it works. How do I know if my electrician is qualified? All qualified electricians and registered electrical contractors will hold current licence cards, as proof of their qualifications. Next time you have an electrician doing any work, ask them to show you their licences. Why should I use a registered electrical contractor to do my work? A registered electrical contractor is not only a qualified electrician, but they also hold up-to-date licences, insurances and registrations to be able to give you an Electrical Compliance Certificate upon completion of work.