Lumenite LED Lights

Address: 39-41 Overseas Drive, Noble Park North, VIC, 3174

Also Services: Melbourne

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Lumenite LED Lights - your national wholesale and retail specialist of LED lighting.

Lumenite is an Australian LED lighting wholesaler, providing durable and cost effective LED products to domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We operate across 4 locations in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Lumenite offer quality LED products that draw lower energy...

16 October, 2015
Great products. I have purchased some <a href="">Lights</a> items and found them good in quality. Easy to install.
12 December, 2012
Great product, I cna change the light by myself, it is easy! and it is bright!
29 November, 2012
Easy to install, slick looking lights!
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Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LED? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode; it is an electronic light source. LED lighting is a huge leap in technology, which is going to benefit both our environment as well as your electricity bill.  What are the advantages of switching to LED? The benefits of switching to LED are numerous. Here are just some of the benefits: LEDs use much less electricity than other bulbs, they use about 80% less energy than halogen or incandescent lights. By reducing your energy consumption, they can reduce your power bill. LEDs operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a safer option than halogens.  What is the difference between warm, natural and cool white? Warm white LEDs give off more of a yellowish/golden hue and are often used for bed and living room. These styles of light produce a colour that is quite similar to an incandescent bulb. Whereas  natural white creates a natural bright white luminosity that is ideal for bathroom and kitchen settings. Cool white, on the hand, gives off a bluish toned hue that some people may find a little too artificial. You can usually see cool LED lights being incorporated in displays and for decoration purposes.  Are LED lights as bright as halogen lights? LED lights are now bright enough and cost effective to be used to replace almost any existing fitting in the home or office. We consistently receive feedback customers saying that our LEDs are brighter than the old halogens. Our 9 watt spot lights are equivalent to 50 watt halogen lights.  Can I use LED lights with existing 12v power transformer? LEDs can be retrofitted into existing light fittings, however sometimes the transformers are not compatible (this is because LEDs are low in voltage that not all brands of transformers recognise any power). In order to test if the LEDs and transformers are compatible, it is a case of trying a globe to see if it works. If the globe flickers when you install it, it means they are not compatible, then you need to replace the old transformer with LED transformer. Can I use LEDs be used with dimmers? Mostly, yes. Many LEDs are specifically listed as being dimmable. Some dimming systems work with LEDs better than others, so it's best to test one or two before completely changing the whole set. Can LEDs be used outside the house? LEDs are highly suited for outdoor use and are suitable for a variety of applications.  Unlike alternative low-energy lighting systems, LEDs are not temperature or humidity sensitive. They can be used in an areas with very variable weather or areas with large variations in day and night time temperatures. How long do LEDs last? Depending on the number of hours the light is being used and the application, LED lights can last up to 30,000 hours, but they will still fade over time.  What is a lumen? Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb. So, the higher the lumen, the brighter the light is.  Do we have a warranty policy? Yes, our down lights have a 5 years warranty and the rest of our products have a 3 years warranty.